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April 7, 2023

The Big Event: Don’t Feed the Watergoats

The Big Event: Don't Feed the Watergoats

What is the Big Event?

The Big Event is the university’s largest day of service and enthusiastic volunteers participate in various service project sites all on one BIG day.

How Does Trash End up in Water?

Trash ends up in waterways through illegal dumping. Rain and wind can also carry debris into rivers and streams through drains.

What is a Watergoat?

A watergoat is a floating boom device that creates a barrier preventing trash from clogging creeks, ponds, storm water out falls, and other bodies of water.

For the Big Event, volunteers will participate in the Waterways Litter Cleanup at three different sites around Lake Arlington where there are Water Goats present. These sites are:

  • S. Cravens Road and Wildcat Branch (parking available on S. Cravens Road)
  • Dowell Road & Quail Road (parking available on S. Cravens Road, Quail Road, and at the Boat Launch)
  • Eugene McCray Park (parking available on Quail Road and at the Boat Launch)

Lake Arlington Eugene McCray Park
3449 Quail Road
Fort Worth, Texas 76119