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November 12, 2015

Announcement Sustainability Speaker Grants University Sustainability Committee

The University Sustainability Committee announces Sustainability Speaker Grants available to students, faculty and staff at UT Arlington working to enhance environmental and sustainability studies and programs in the curriculum and the University’s affairs.

Environmental and sustainability studies traverse the sciences, politics, economics, culture, the arts, humanities, and ethics. Environmental studies examines how individuals, communities, societies, and cultures interact with the non-humans and ecosystems around them, so that we can better understand how these interactions might take place in ways that permit non-humans and ecosystems to thrive. Sustainability studies builds on environmental studies to recognize accelerating environmental destruction and to seek development of practices, ideas, and values that repair past damage, prevent ongoing damage, promote social justice, and enhance human and non-human welfare.

Sustainability Speaker Grants of up to $500 for one speaker will be awarded to support engagement of speakers addressing sustainability and environmental stewardship. Speakers may address regularly scheduled academic colloquia, meetings of student organizations, or special events associated with the University. Priority will be given to events expected to reach large and diverse audiences. Cost-sharing with other funding sources is strongly encouraged. All expenditures must comply with relevant University regulations concerning travel and event expenditures.

Awardees will be responsible for all travel and event arrangements and logistics. The Working Group on Communications of the University Sustainability Committee will be available to assist with publicity of events for which these awards are made. Applications will be considered at any time but must be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to the proposed event to allow time for evaluation of the application and award processing. Applications should be submitted on the proper form.

Requests for an application form and any questions should go to: Dr. Christopher Morris, Chair, Working Group on Curriculum, Research and Community Engagement,