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November 16, 2015

Keep Arlington Beautiful – Adopt-A-Spot

Keep Arlington Beautiful (KAB), in association with the Arlington Parks Department is announcing a campaign for the removal of litter from public right-of-ways such as parks, streets, and trails with a pilot program that promotes monthly clean-up events through an Adopt-a-Spot Program. Under KAB’s plan, civic groups, schools, business, neighborhood associations and other organizations within the city limits of Arlington can apply to “adopt” an area that is convenient to them or that they use on a frequent basis that needs periodic clean-up to remove unsightly litter.

The “Adopt-a-Spot” program will be made available to 20 areas within Council District No. 1. If successful, KAB may expand the program to the City at large. KAB wants to be proactive in establishing new ideas and programs that show results. The members of KAB are partnering with the Department of Parks and Recreation to encourage participation in the program to clean-up Arlington.
“So many of our residents work hard maintaining and beautifying their properties. The results of that care and attention foster tremendous pride in their neighborhoods. The Adopt-a-Spot is the perfect program to encourage residents and businesses to make the same commitment to the City’s public spaces and extend that pride throughout the entire City”, Councilmember Parker remarks.

For now, the “Adopt-a-Spot” program will be made available to ONLY 20 areas within COUNCIL DISTRICT NO. 1. The map below denotes the boundaries for the pilot “Adopt-a-Spot” program. KAB is requesting that applicants focus on “spots” within these boundaries. Be one of the first groups to adopt a spot in Arlington! At KAB’s discretion, a few applications may be approved outside the denoted boundaries. If successful, KAB may expand the program to the City at large.

Adopt-a-Spot Volunteers will receive:

  • A sign may be purchased at a minimal fee & installed to identify adoption of the location*
  • Certificate of appreciation
  • Website recognition

*Fee may apply

An on-line application form along with guidelines on how you can adopt a spot is available at the Keep Arlington Beautiful webpage at Volunteer Match under the Adopt- a- Spot tab.

Submit an Adopt-a-Spot application today to help Keep Arlington Beautiful here in the American Dream City.