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April 21, 2016

Monarch Butterfly Waystation at the UTA Compost Site

ISGI was surprised in late March when a representative of Kiwanis International phoned and told us that his group needed help. The college arm of the organization, Circle K International, planned a regional meeting at UTA to be followed by work on their chosen project, a Monarch Waystation.

The Kiwanis official predicted 40 or so volunteers on April 3, so ISGI prepared as if it were the Big Event, only on a larger scale. On April 3, about 35 volunteers appeared, so we had more than enough people to begin weeding the garden area.

Volunteers had a choice of composting activities and they accomplished quite a lot. After their efforts, the volunteers returned to their respective cities, including Lubbock, Dallas, College Station, Terrell, Houston and elsewhere to share their new knowledge. One University of Dallas student was determined to learn if her school had a compost program where she could volunteer.

Additionally, a week later, seven volunteers from the UTA Big Event showed up (two returning from last year), and several of them completed weeding the future Monarch Waystation. The others rotated through composting jobs and seemed to enjoy themselves.

As for the garden, after a little raking it will be ready for planting. Soon after kicking off this initiative, a local native plant expert donated three plants and a list of her recommended butterfly perennials.

It’s a start, and a good one, thanks to great volunteers from Circle K International and our own Big Event.