Communications and Outreach Committee

C&O Goal 1:

RCE North Texas will create a website and curate content that will gather initiatives, projects, events and activities of RCE members/stakeholders.

C&O Goal 2:

RCE North Texas will create and implement an outreach strategy to disseminate information via social media pages, email marketing and an e-newsletter.

C&O Goal 3:

RCE North Texas will create organizational branding and messaging, promote stakeholder events and initiatives, create a discussion forum and develop a calendar of events and opportunities to keep everyone in the know of happenings.

C&O Goal 4:

RCE North Texas will create a comprehensive, searchable stakeholder database, maintain a contact list, meeting locations list and organizational map of members in the North Texas region.

Education and Events Committee

E&E Goal 1:

Host 2-3 social events each year to encourage networking amongst RCENT members.

E&E Goal 2:

Develop workshops and other professional development trainings on Education for Sustainable Development.

E&E Goal 3:

Create service learning and community engagement opportunities related to sustainable development in North Texas.

E&E Goal 4:

Organize an annual symposium with workshops, panel presentations, and/or keynote speeches that address Good Health and Wellbeing (SDG 3), Quality Education (SDG 4), and Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG 11).

Research and Development Committee Goals

R&D Goal 1:

RCE North Texas will identify and network thought leaders in the region who are focusing on sustainability practice, development and innovation.

R&D Goal 2:

RCE North Texas will develop and administer an online database of existing efforts related to the SDGs in the DFW region.

R&D Goal 3:

RCE North Texas will bridge academia to practitioners, organizations and institutions that are engaged in sustainability-related research.

R&D Goal 4:

RCE North Texas will seek to support sustainability-related education research for students of all ages.

Governance and Monitoring Committee

G&M Goal 1:

Establish and & maintain ethical practices such as Bylaws for the Advisory Board and guidelines for RCE North Texas members.

G&M Goal 2:

Create and oversee a RCE Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

G&M Goal 3:

Develop an annual RCE survey and a process for incorporating feedback

G&M Goal 4:

Collaborate with UNU leadership regarding administrative matters such as annual reporting and grant applications

Download the RCE North Texas Meeting Agenda from March 28, 2019

Download the RCE North Texas Meeting Agenda from August 29, 2019

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