Date: Thursday, November 21st from 12pm-1:30pm (please plan to arrive by 11:30am)

Location: The event is at our Center for BioHealth (CBH) Building at 3400 Camp Bowie Blvd. Fort Worth, TX 76107. We will have you park in the Facilities Management’s visitor parking just north of this building at 3420 Darcy Street (see attached map). When you arrive, come inside to Facilities and we’ll escort you to the event.

Preparation: Please send me a short bio and your presentation by Tuesday, November 19th. I will assemble all the slides in one deck for the event. For your portion, please prepare a 5-7 minute talk generally talking about the RCE, UN’s SDGs and how they relate to health. The target audience is our own students, but we may have some external people come since the event is getting advertised regionally. Feel free to invite people.

Event Schedule (12pm-1:30pm): Lunch will be provided free to all panelists and attendees. We are capping the attendance at 60 people.

· Intro/Welcome (~5 minutes)

· Panelists 5-7 minutes to introduce perspective (~25-30 min); 4 panelists total

· Panel Discussion (~30 minutes); audience will ask questions/moderator will lead discussion

· Networking (~20-30 minutes)

Contact: My cell is 210-219-4765 if you need to reach me the day of the event (I believe you already have it, but just in case).